Communication Channel Scenarios

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Communication Channel Scenarios
Management / MGT521
February 12, 2012

Communication Channel Scenarios
Choosing the best communication channel for each circumstance can mean the difference between the success and failure of a communication attempt. The textbook, Organizational Behavior, Fourteenth Edition, Chapter 11, (Robbins, 2011) displays ten Communication Channels, discusses the richness and leanness between those channels, and gives suggestions on how to choose the correct method for different situations. This paper will discuss three communication scenarios and one person’s opinion on the best communication channel to use for each scenario. Scenario One – Marketing Manager for Beverage

In Scenario One, the Marketing Manager is responsible for introducing a new beverage into the global market which has already been successful in United States’ sports venues. The manager must brief the marketing team with product details, expectations, and the one week deadline information and get the team working as quickly as possible. In this scenario, assuming the entire marketing team is local, face-to-face communication would be the most appropriate method. According to Robbins (2011), “… face-to-face conversation scores highest in channel richness because it transmits the most information per communication episode…” Face-to-face communication allows not only for verbal communication, but other feedback mechanisms such as posture, facial expressions, gestures, and intonations. (Robbins, 2011) Calling a face-to-face meeting of the marketing team will allow the manager to get the information disseminated in the most expedited manner. In a few short minutes the manager could have the workers consolidated and begin the transfer of information. The manager could work from the notes or the presentation he or she was given at the original meeting and will not need to take the time to write a report or type and email, which could take up valuable time. Face-to-face conversations over the new task are not only a good idea from the perspective of the manager presenting the information to his or her staff, but the staff could also use this meeting time as a feedback, question and answer opportunity. The manager will also be able to tell from non-verbal communications if the marketing team perceives the job as favorable or if more persuading to complete the task in the demanding timeline in necessary.

Scenario Two – Manager of Large Travel Agency
In Scenario Two, the manager of a large travel agency must contact the Information Technology (IT) department to fix a computer application access problem. This type of scenario is not one of a personal nature, but more like that of a routine function, so the communication channel used should be one which can expedite the process in the most efficient manner, without regard to personal feelings or sensitivity. The best communication channel to use to contact IT department is the telephone, due to the IT department’s offsite location. The manager can contact the IT department quickly and the problem corrected in a minimal amount of time, depending on the complexity of the issue. If the manager sent an email, he or she would not know if the message had been received, or when it would be received, or when it would be acted upon. A memo or letter requesting the help would take even longer than an email. Telephone calls are a somewhat instantaneous way to get a help, taking into consideration wait times for call volume and number of workers in the IT department. Also, if the problem was not corrected instantaneously, at least the manager would be able to get feedback on a possible timeframe for correction. If the problem was correctable in that one phone call, the manager would also be able to copy down the new login and password information for passing on to the other employees, and not have to wait by his or her email for the response. The manager would also need to...
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