Genocide in Bosnia

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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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Genocide in Bosnia
By the End of the Cold war the world had already seen the end of hundreds of wars and countless violations of human rights. With witnessing, these events substantial progress had been made to defining what human rights are and what constitutes a violation to human rights. The first of theses inalienable human rights being the biblical right to life. Several Non- governmental organizations dedicate their time and energy to maintaining a close watch over the world to report on any and all violations of human rights. An example of an area where non -governmental organizations have been relentless in their efforts to end human rights violation was in Bosnia in the early 1990’s. War in the Balkans broke out in the early 1990’s, after the Serb president Milosevic began his campaign of Serb national dominance. Prior to Milosevic’s secession of Slovenia, Yugoslavia had been divided in to six republics, as the republics began to succeed, the world bore witness to the beginning of the Balkan Wars. The War most marked by egregious crime and brutality is easily the Bosnian War. In April 1992 the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. From 1992- 1995 widespread “ethnic cleansing” accompanied the War in Bosnia. Bosnian Serb forces, with the backing of the Serb-controlled army, targeted both Bosnian Muslim and Croat civilians, resulting in the deaths of some 100,000 people 80% Bosnian Muslims by 1995. Bosnian was the most diverse of the 6yougoslavian districts, which is the reason why it was the most harshly targeted by the Serb army. The situation and the growing tension in Bosnia, and all over the former Yugoslavia had been well documented by not only the United States government but also by the world at large. Several non-governmental organizations had eyes on the area knowing that it was a powder keg ready to explode. The first report of the egregious crimes taking place came out in 1992 just months into the...
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