Once I have finished university, what profession can I pursue with the master’s degree in Chemistry? What are the career opportunities at the end of the second level degree? To answer these questions it is necessary to know that after the graduation of the three-year degree the student who wants to continue his specialization can choose between two different courses of study:

  • Chemical sciences: offers an in-depth preparation in the various sectors of Chemistry, through theoretical and practical teaching. The main subjects of study are Chemistry of natural and synthetic materials (synthesis, characterization and design) and Chemistry of molecular systems (synthesis, characterization, design and study of structure-property and structure-function correlations).
  • Sciences and technologies of industrial chemistry: this course of study offers the opportunity to learn skills useful for insertion in various sectors, but is oriented towards mainly towards an in-depth study on research, development, production, quality and safety control, applications and marketing of materials or products for the industrial system, agriculture, services and consumption, with particular attention to environmental problems and the reduction of consumption of raw materials and energy.

Both degree courses allow for specialized training. But now let’s see what are some of the main job opportunities for graduates in Chemical Sciences or in Industrial Chemistry Sciences and Technologies.

Working as an Industrial Chemist

The Industrial Chemist carries out his activity within companies that need his skills for the research and development of new products, for industrial processes, for ” organization and control of production, for the analysis of product quality or for sales and marketing in the chemical and scientific fields. This profession can be carried out both as an employee and as a freelancer. To carry it out, however, it is necessary to pass the state exam to enroll in the Register of Doctor of Chemists and obtain the qualification of Senior Chemist.

International Journal of Chemical, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Research

Working as a Chemist in the Public Administration

A graduate in Chemistry can also find a job as a Chemist in the Public Administration . This professional figure can operate in various fields, but the main ones are certainly the environment and health, putting into practice all the skills acquired in the university. To fill this professional position it is necessary to pass a public competition.

Working as a chemist in the research and development sector

Another possible way to go is to carry out the activity of Chemist in the context of research and development . A professional specialized in this field will be responsible for monitoring the legislative evolution in favor of chemical companies in Italy and in Europe, coordinating research projects on sustainable chemistry, and will be interested in the regulatory evolution in the nanomaterials sector.

Working as a Professor

Another opportunity to consider is that of teaching. A graduate in Chemistry who has obtained the title after a master’s course, will be able to fill the role of Professor in agricultural institutes, in industrial technical institutes, in commercial technical institutes, in technical institutes for surveyors, in professional institutes , in art institutes, middle schools, aeronautical technical institutes, classical and scientific high schools or artistic high schools. To start teaching, you need to be licensed.